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SCOTLAND (updated March 2016)


constantly updating the different sections
constantly thinking about Scotland and missing it

My advice:

3 days trip: visit Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling (and maybe St. Andrews if you rent a car)

5 days trip: the same as above, and you could also go up to Loch Ness/The Higlands on a tour and see Linlithgow.

7 days: add Loch Lomond, Ayr (and Culzean Castle) and why not? Arran and the Holy Isle! / or the Isle of Skye, stopping at Eilean Donan Castle on the way.

Anyway, you can get ideas of possible tours here: (they offer a 'free' tour departing from Edinburgh - click here! At the end of the tour YOU decide how much to pay!)
Useful links to plan an unforgettable trip to Scotland:
(I will only write about things I have tried/visited/experienced myself!)


More than 300 historic, including:
- Edinburgh Castle
- Stirling Castle, 
- Linlithgow Palace
-  Glasgow Cathedral
- Dumbarton Castle


Check out the EXPLORER PASS for great savings 
(Es un bono que permite visitar todos los castillos/museos/monumentos incluidos en la lista - cuidado: muchos cierran en otoño/invierno y vuelven a abrir en primavera)



The National Trust for Scotland for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty: the conservation charity that protects and promotes Scotland's natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations to enjoy.

Castles, gardens, holidays accomodation and much more.

My favourite: Culzean Castle, simply amazing! Worth a visit!


Eilean Donan Castle 
Dunvegan Castle
Inveraray Castle 



To move around Scotland:
Best deals, really cheap prices if you book in advance. Just make sure you choose buses that take you to the city center stations (and not the outskirts of the city).

If you buy tickets online well in advance you can get great offers!
ex: one way from Glasgow to Edinburgh for just3 poundS)

Explorer pass (3-5-8 days)


To move around Glasgow:

To go to Loch Lomond buy a First day ticket on the bus (you can use it all day long, also to go back to Glasgow) and take one of the following buses (make sure to check which one takes you to Balloch)

The journey is about 1h30 but it's really worth it! If you leave quite early in the morning you can stop in Dumbarton and visit DUmbarton castle (just ask the driver, the bus stop is 10 minutes away from the castle, really worth it)

To move around Edinburgh, South-East and Central Scotland:




The Off Shore Coffee Shop (WEST END)

Offshore Coffee Shop has been a stable part of WEST END cafe culture for over 10 years, with a perfect atmosphere  for relaxing, reading, socialising and studying.

The Bay Tree Café (WEST END)      403 Great Western Rd

Simple and laid-back atmosphere and the food is good! My dad's favourite!
They serve all day breakfasts!

 MONO CAFE BAR (CITY CENTER)    12 Kings Court 


Pizzerias Paperino (VARIOUS LOCATIONS)

Walkabout, Australian Restaurant (CITY CENTER)

For sports fans! Huge plantes of food!


The Baked Potato Shop
56 Cockburn Street,
Food served: Mon–Sun 9am–9pm
Also offers: Vegetarian and vegan options, Gluten-free options
Capacity: 4

Clarinda's Tea Room
69 Canongate

Hours:     Mon-Sat 8:30 - 16:30
     Sun 9:30 - 16:30
Try the carrot cake, it's delicious!


ACCOMODATION:  -- work in progress

Euro Hostel: for backpackers, 2 minutes away from the train station (kitchen to cook your own meal)

Mc Lay's Guest House: a nice place for families or couples, no frills, quite basic, but really central (breakfast included)

Euro Hostel: only open from June to September, 2 minutes away from the Royal Mile; it's actually apartments with a kitchen and bathroom

Willie Wallace Hostel:
A place for the younger crowds; I stayed in the dorms for 2 nights, it was cheap and really central.
The plus is that it has a huge sitting/dining room where you can hang out, watch a movie, read a book and nice a kitchen with free tea and coffee. The negative side is that it can get a bit messy if the other guests belong to the hippy type!

Arran - Brodick:
Belvedere Guest House 
A bit more expensive, but lovely!

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¿No te aclaras con tantas certificaciones/diplomas?

Aquí va un pequeño resumen de los exámenes de inglés a los que te puedes presentar en el Servicio de Idiomas de la Universidad de Murcia. También ofertamos distintos cursos de preparación.

Puedes contactar con nosotros para más información o pasarte por nuestras secretarías


C/ Actor Isidoro Máiquez, nº 9, 3ª planta
Edif. Saavedra Fajardo, 1ª planta, Murcia

Edif. Rector Antonio Soler, 2ª planta
Campus de Espinardo, Campus de Espinardo

CertAcles B1-B2

- Validez en las universidades españolas miembros de ACLES (por ejemplo para acceder al Master de Educación Secundaria, para irte de Erasmus etc)
- Reconocidos por CercleS (Confederación Europea de Centros de Lenguas en la Enseñanza Superior) y por la CRUE (Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas).
- En algunas comunidades autónomas (la de Murcia, entre ellas), se admiten como certificación del conocimiento de idiomas en el acceso a la función pública y en otros actos administrativos (enlace BORM 31 de marzo de 2015,

VENTAJA AÑADIDA: esta certificación solo cuesta 50 euros. (de momento)

Más información:


Certificación más utilizada para la evaluación del nivel de inglés en el ámbito profesional.
Entre las empresas que utilizan el TOEIC como parámetro para reclutamiento y para tomar decisiones en promociones internas: Accenture, Altran, Deloitte, Iberdrola, Iberia, BP, CEPSA, S21Sec, Atos Origin, Telefónica o CLH etc.

Más información:


PET (B1)
FCE (B2)
CAE (C1)
PCE (C2)

Estos os valen a nivel nacional e internacional, aunque cada universidad/empresa puede pedir niveles distintos.En el Sidi ofrecemos cursos de preparación y muchas convocatorias para presentarse a los distintos niveles.

Más información: