Tuesday, 20 June 2017




1) Can you remember something you were afraid of when you were a child? Do you have any childhood memory of any special event or celebration? Did you use to get pocket money? What was your favourite place when you were little? Were you part of any organization or youth club? Would you have liked to?

2) Is there some attitude you can't stand and drives you crazy? Is there a person in your family that particularly annoys you? What about at work? Do you prefer music or silence when studying/working/driving/ at the gym? Is there any sound that really bothers you? What about a sound that really relaxes you?

3) What's your favourite book? Why? Is there any book that you started reading and couldn't put down? What about one that you really disliked? Would you like to be a translator? Why? Why not? Do you prefer reading books and watching films in the original language?

4) Were there any favourite places where you used to like going as a child? What did you do there? Who were the people you felt closest to when you were younger? Did you have any chores while you were growing up? How did you feel about them? As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you change your mind afterwards?

5) Do you consider yourself a person who usually gets their own way? Do you know anyone who does? Do you think women are better than men at getting presents for people? Is there someone in your family or group of friends that really gets on your nerves? Do you tend to keep up to date with your studies/work, or do you often get behind?

6) Would you ever go on a blind date? What would be the best place to go for a first date?  Do you have any childhood memories of a nice day out or a special occasion?  How did you use to celebrate your birthday when you were younger? DO you have any good memory of when you were in secondary school?

7) Do you have a favourite historical film? Can you describe a scene of a film that particularly impressed you? Have you ever read a book after seeing a film based on it? Do you watch  TV series based on historical facts?

8) Is there anything or anybody that is taking up a lot of your time lately? What do you most enjoy doing when you have some me time? What do you usually do to kill time when you are waiting at the airport? Are you often short of time in the mornings? 

Pairs - Groups

1) Discuss the following statement:  when children are young it's better for one parent not to work and look after them

2) Discuss the following statement: there should be at least one hour every evening when all members of the family turn off their electronic devices and talk to each other.

3) Discuss the following statement:  marriage should be a 5-year renewable contract.

4) Discuss the following statement: the only way to learn a foreign language is to move to the country where it is spoken.

5) Talk together about what foreigners should do to fully integrate in Spain.

6) Talk together about the dos and don'ts at a first date, in terms of best place/plan, appearance, lying, politeness, first impressions.

7) Discuss the following statement: people get wiser as they get older

8) Discuss the following statement: school doesn't help you to get anywhere in life.

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