Monday, 12 September 2016



1) When you have a technical problem, e.g. with a smartphone or tablet, do you
ask someone to help you or do you try to sort it out yourself?
2) Who taught you to swim? How quickly did you learn?
3) What three things would you recommend tourists to do if they were visiting
your town for 24 hours?
4) How long does it normally take you to get ready in the morning or before a
night out?
5) How would you try to persuade someone to do you a really big favour?
6) How do you think computer and video games might make young people
behave violently?
7) Is there any aspect of your daily life which involves you speaking English?
8) What do you dislike other people doing when you’re watching a film at the
9) What things did your parents let you do as a child that parents probably
wouldn’t allow their children to do nowadays?
10) How do you think local councils could encourage people to recycle more?
11) What apps or websites do you use which help you improve your English
outside the classroom?
12) What kinds of excuses do you give when someone invites you to do
something or go somewhere and you don’t really want to?
13) If a friend asked you to look after their pet while they went on holiday, would
you? Why (not)?
14) Is there anything that sometimes prevents you from sleeping at night? What
do you do when you can’t sleep?
15) If you have to do something you don’t really want to, like homework or
housework, what ‘distractions’ do you find to stop yourself from having to
do it?
16) How could governments encourage citizens to use public transport rather
than cars?
17) Which country or city that you have been to would you recommend
someone to go to for an unforgettable holiday? Why?
18) Think about a bad journey you have had. What happened and how did you feel?
19) If a friend wanted to contact you, would you prefer them to call you or send
you an instant message? Why?
20) Do you prefer shop assistants to help you to choose new clothes or leave
you alone to choose yourself?
21) What gadgets or techniques do you use to help you remember important
dates like birthdays?
22) Think of a disastrous meal out you have had. Why was it so awful?


1) Parents ought to reward their children for passing exams, for example with a cash payment.
2)  Children shouldn’t have to memorize facts like multiplication tables and important historical
dates, as the information is now instantly available on the internet.
3) Secondary school teachers should never be made to teach more than four hours a day.
4) People shouldn't be allowed to keep very aggressive breeds of dogs such as pit bulls.
5) It should be against the law for parents to give fast food to obese children.
6) Which are the pros and cons of living in a country which is not your own?

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